Why you should visit Girona

2021-03-24 11:15:41

Girona is a small city from Catalonia that any tourist should visit. It is just an hour and a half from Barcelona and it gathers all the beautiful and unique charms a city this small can hold.

The basics to visit Girona

  • The best season of the year to visit Girona is in spring, because the temperatures are idyllic for a walk through the city. Also, during this time of the year you can find Girona fully decorated with flowers because of the yearly event “Girona Temps de Flors“.
  • The most profitable way to get to Girona from Barcelona is by train. There are three options: AVE, middle distance train and regional train; in order from the fastest to the least fast. But in less than an hour and a half you will get there!

Recommended visits in Girona

The symbolic Cathedral of Girona

This emblematic cathedral and its 90 stairs is one og the most impressive locations of the city. The streets you have to walk to get there, its interior and the areas that surround it play a part its charm.

This cathedral combines every possible architectural style: of romanesque origin, with a baroque facade that’s worth seeing and a gothic nave considered the world’s widest of this style. No doubt it’s a spot you can’t miss!

Catedral Girona
Girona’s Cathedral

The bridges of the Onyar river and its hanging houses

Girona is a city divided by the Onyar river but perfectly connected due the many bridges of different shapes and styles that it has. Also, it is curious to visit thanks to the hanging houses that can be seen from any of the bridges. It is said it reminds of Florence…

Girona Onyar
View from Pont de Pedra

The Stone Bridge (Pont de Pedra) is the one that allows a broad view of the city, but the Peixateries Velles Bridge, built by Gustave Eiffel, it’s the most particular one.

El Call of Girona

The Jewish Quarter, with its origins in the 17th Century, is one of the best preserved jewish quarters of Europe. Composed by beautiful yards and unique alleys like the Calle de la Força and the Stairs of Sant Domènec. If this area captures you, a visit to the Jewish Museum of Girona is required!

El Call Girona
Alley of the Jewish Quarter

The curious Arabic Baths

These baths are located very close to the Cathedral and it’s one of the spots people enjoy the most while ttheir visit in Girona. You enter by the affordable price of 2€ and look the central pool, the precious dome and the colums that sustain it.

Baños Árabes Girona
Arabic Baths from Girona

The Arabic Baths were built simulating the romanic baths, its origin is christian, but the name was given because it uses the same steam system as the muslim baths.

The walk through the Wall

Girona is a medieval city and it was built because it was located in a strategic area that needed be surrounded by a wall. Nowadays, a part of it is still preserved that’s worth visiting since you can have the greatest view of the city.

It is highly recommended to dedicate part of your time to wander calmly and watch the sunset over Girona.

Sunset Girona
Sunset from the Wall

The stairs of Sant Domènec

This street full of stairs can be found in the Old Quarter, at the end of La Força Street. Surrounded by the renaissance Carlemany Palace, the Agullana Palace and the Sant Martí Sacosta church, makes it a unique spot.

Undoubedly, a cute corner where you should stop when visiting Girona.

A promenade along La Rambla de la Llibertat

A walk along this boulevard of Girona where you will enjoy the local shops, the local ambientation and the terraces while you see modernist buildings. La Rambla de la Llibertat deserves a good time walking aimlessly.

Meanwhile, it is required to stop in La Plaça del Vi (square), El Pont de Sant Agustí (bridge) and La Plaça de la Independència (square).

Girona streets
Girona charming streets

We show you how to visit Girona in a different way

Girona highlights for being an enigmatic city, every corner has details and curiosities that if you discover will enrich your experience as a tourist. Now you can visit every spot of Girona while solving the enigmas of this city with our city game “Enigmatic Girona” and have a good time playing with your team. This city game suits perfectly in a family or friends tourism experience!

Fun fact

Did you know that some scenes of Game of Thrones were filmed in Girona? This YouTube video shows you every location of the series!

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