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Enigmas Tour, city games for tourists and locals

city game

What is it?

Enigmas Tour will turn a monotonous walk into a real mission. It will feed your curiosity and encourage you to discover incredible spots and places through the challenges we propose along the route. A veritable adventure for the more curious!


What is the purpose?

Know a city through a game means understand the new experiences: innovative, exciting and technological, are going to change the way to discover a space.

In our city games we explain the stories and propose challenges. We value the emotion of the discovery through the creativity and the resolution of enigmas as a recipe to create a link with the place, that goes beyond the traditional way of tourism.

Web app

How to play?

Our web app uses up-to-date technology, and it’s accessible from the browser. We recommend using Google Chrome to assure you have the best experience possible.

Therefore, it is not necessary to download or install any additional software in your device. Create a shortcut and access to Enigmas Tour whenever you want. 

How to play a city game?


Acces the¬†¬†app. You can create a shortcut on your phone’s home screen. We recommend using¬†Google Chrome¬†to assure you have the best experience possible.


Register to access the city game catalogue. We offer theme based, cultural or family friendly experiences. 


Choose the game and buy it. You can play whenever you want. The experience will be available in My games.


Activate location permissions in your device. Enter the team name and … time to play!

Riddle games

Our city games are based in puzzles and enigmas, a genuine escape room style.

From your device

Fully interactive games and with the latest technology.


Win advantages and rewards when you finish the city game.

Healthy lifestyle

Take the tour on foot and enjoy every corner.

Take your time

Play whenever you want. If you don’t finish the game, pause it and pick it back later on.


Optimized platform for Chromium code based browsers: G. Chrome, Opera, M. Edge…

Who can play to Enigmas Tour?
street escape turistas amigos parejas

Friends, couples

Share the experience with your friends or couple and join the xplories community. 

street escape turistas familias ni√Īos


An ideal activity to motivate the youngest ones. Through the game they’ll become intrepid travelers.

street escape turistas viaje negocios

Business trips

Dynamize your business trips with Enigmas Tour, a great team building activity to do after the meetings.

street escape turistas escuelas


A different school trip for your students, with Enigmas Tour they’ll discover the history of the destination while they solve enigmas.

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