Enigmas Tour, city games for travellers

Street escape

What is it?

Enigmas Tour is a new and different way to discover a city through a game, is a game for tourists. You’ll find the solutions to the riddles proposed in the same city, in its streets, monuments… If you are capable to find the answer to an enigma, you’ll know wich is your next location. A huge challenge for the most intrepid travellers!


What is it purpose?

The street escape for tourist is intended to know the more significant places of a city in a different way. A more creative, fun and enigmatic way. We reveal stories and curiosities that certainly you won’t read in the city guides.

Play in tandem, with your friends, in family, in your end-of-school trip, during your business trip… From now, touring won’t be boring anymore for the youngest ones. We offer games especially conceived for families with children.

Web app

How to play?

Acces our app and explore our catalogue of cities and games. Select the game you like to play and get ready to discover your destination. The platform will show you how to proceed to start the game.

Our mobile app uses up-to-date technology, and it’s accessible from the browser. Therefore, it is not necessary to download or install any additional software in your device. Only a shortcut will be created to get a quick and easy access to Enigmas Tour whenever you want.

street escape turista escape room

Riddle game

All our proposals are based on puzzles and enigmas, in the purest escape room style

street escape turista web app

Web app

Without need to download, install or taking up space in your smartphone.

street escape turistas jugar con el móvil

From your device

Fully interactive games with the latest technology.

street escape turismo healthy

Healthy lifestyle

Favorece el turismo saludable. Desplázate a pie y disfruta de cada rincón.

street escape turistas descuentos ofertas


When you achieve the challenge you’ll receive a great reward in return.

street escape turistas sin horarios

Take your time

Play whenever you want. And ff you don’t complete the game, pause it and pick it back up again later on.

Who can play to Enigmas Tour?

street escape turistas amigos parejas

Friends, couples

Share the experience with your friends or couple and join the Enigmas Tour community. Also available in competition between teams mode.

street escape turistas familias niños


Don't miss this unique opportunity to motivate the youngest ones. Through the game they’ll become intrepid travelers.

street escape turistas viaje negocios

Business trips

Make your days more enjoyable while you travel for work. It’s a great team building activity to do after the meetings.

street escape turistas escuelas


If you want that your students enjoy a different school trip, you’ll succeed with a city game. They’ll discover the history of the destination while solving enigmas.

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