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Enigmas Tour Toledo

What to do in Toledo?

Visit Toledo means meeting with its rich heritage and its overflowing beauty. Toledo was declared in 1986 World Heritage Site, the city has retained its unparalleled history, in every corner you can feel the the essence of Toledo’s history.¬† ¬†¬†
If you don’t know what to do in Toledo, we propose you a tour around the essential places of this city. From alleyways with amazing storytelling until places that changed the history.
With this city game, the City of Three Cultures won’t disappoint. If you are ready, enigmas about the past and present are waiting for you.¬† Do you take up the challenge?

City game in Toledo

Toledo: a trip back in time
Cultural route. Family friendly

City game in Toledo

Access to the web app and become a genuine xplorie. Don’t be no longer the tourist you have been so far. Live ¬†Toledo in a very different way!