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Rome, Italy

The sacred fire

Emmanuelle and his sister Valeria discover a boycott against the sacred fire. Emmanuelle is a prestigious legatus of the Roman army and Valeria a consecrated Virgin Vestal. Do you help them protect the sacred fire?

Will you help them protect the sacred fire? Visit the most enigmatic locations for free in this city game!

Family friendly
6 steps
6 km
City game overview
  • Find out the history of this city through a challenge.
  • For all kind of groups. We recommend teams up to 5 people.
  • City game available in english, spanish and catalan.
  • Play any day at any time.
  • Find the answers of the enigmas in the ruins of the Roman Forum.
  • Discover who werethe Vestal Virgins and what was their sacred mission.
  • The route passes through locations with a paid entry access.

City Game area

How to play this city game in Rome?


Acces the¬†¬†app. You can create a shortcut on your phone’s home screen.


Register and access to the city games catalogue.


Choose the challenge you like to play. 


To experience the challenge, enable location permission. Enter the team name and … time to play!¬†