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Girona, Spain

The medieval manuscript route

María was born in Empordà and has felt the breeze of the land since she was little. One day, rummaging through old boxes, he found an old manuscript of an ancestor of the family, a stonemason by profession but an inventor and sculptor by vocation. In the manuscript, thousands of stories and enigmas will make María discover parts of her beloved Empordà that she did not know.

It starts in Sant Martí Vell when Manuel Freixa begins to work the stone, and ends in Monells, where Maria must discover one of his great inventions, which are still preserved today. Help us to find all the clues that Martí left distributed, so that the history and the most medieval footprint last forever. María needs you!  

Explore four of the most incredible towns in the Baix Empordà. Are you up for it?

Cultural route. Family friendly
18 km (by car)
City game overview
  • Find out the history of this city through a challenge.
  • For all kind of groups. We recommend teams up to 5 people.
  • City game available in english, spanish and catalan.
  • Play any day at any time.
  • You will know the ancient art of stonemasons. They were so talented!
  • The route takes you to discover one of the points of the Dalinian triangle. It looks like something out of a mystery book …

How to play this city game in Baix Empordà?


Acces the  app. You can create a shortcut on your phone’s home screen.


Register and access to the city games catalogue.


Choose the challenge you like to play. 


To experience the challenge, enable location permission. Enter the team name and … time to play!