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What to do in Prague?

Prague, also known as the city of 100 towers, is located in the heart of Europe. Its cultural intensity, its great beauty and its historic heritage make the Czech Republic capital one of the world’s most visited cities.

If you wonder what to see in Prague, with pur city games you’ll discover it in a totally different way. Don’t miss its old centre, with its UNESCO World Heritage designation in 1992.

City games in Prague

What to do in Prague city gameWhat to do in Prague city game

Following in the footsteps of Franz Kafka

We invite you to take a tour around Franz Kafka’s life, famous Czech writer. He is one of literature of the 20th century, author of such publications as Metamorphosis. Prague, his natal city, inspired him to write many of his works. Discover his favourite corners.

que hacer en praga
5 km
que hacer en praga city game
From 1 to 5 people
Tourism in PragueTourism in Prague

Discover the charms of Prague

A tour around the most emblematic spots of the city of the 100 towers. Prague Castle will open you the door to start your adventure. Do you dare to do it?

que ver en Praga turismo familiar
7 km
turismo familiar en Praga
From 1 to 5 people
viajar a Praga
Recommended for families with children.
que hacer en praga
turismo en familia que ver en praga
que hacer en Marrakech turismo alternativo

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What to do in Prague What to do in Prague